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Massage Therapy Services-




Abdominal Massage

This treatment removes waste products from the small and large intestines, strengthens weak and relaxed abdominal muscles, and increases blood and oxygen flow to improve organ functions including the reproductive organs as well.

45 minute- $125.00


Improve your quality of health and treat different health conditions with specific pressure points on your feet. This timely treatment helps to alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression, and improve the quality of sleep.

45 minute(feet only)-$115.00

Medical Massage

The application of manual therapy modalities performed with the intent of improving medical conditions diagnosed and/or prescribed by a physician. These techniques consist of but are not limited to connective tissue massage, joint mobilization and manipulation, manual traction, passive range of motion, soft tissue mobilization, Post-Operation Lipo or Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Craniosacral Therapy, Neuroglides, Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage, and other modalities. First Time Assessment includes a 45-minute assessment and a 15-minute treatment plan review. 

First Time Assessment Fee(with or without insurance)- $165

30 minute-$110.00

45 minute-$130.00

60 minute-$165.00


  • Medical Massage Bundles Available 


Prices are lower for those whose insurance does not cover services.

Post-Lipo Massage

After liposuction, Manual Lymphatic Drainage with body contouring massage decreases swelling, bruising, and fibrosis (scar tissue formation) preventing lumps, bumps, and bulges. It also helps decrease recovery time and improves results. This service also includes surgery update consults and Faja awareness and assistance. 

45 minute-$155.00

Prenatal Massage

Embrace your journey to motherhood by reducing your muscle and joint pain with a prenatal massage. Reduce your stress, anxiety, and depression with this massage. Take time to find peace of mind.

60 minute-$140.00

90 minute-$190.00

Craniosacral Therapy

The gentle hands-on rhythmical motions release emotional trauma and tensions deep in the body that is influenced by the craniosacral system. Releasing those restrictions helps to alleviate pain, balance emotional trauma, and/or other dysfunctions. Improve your whole body and performance.

60 minute-$140.00

90 minute-$190.00

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

MLD is a relaxing light pressure treatment that helps to reduce swelling in your arms or legs caused b a blockage in the lymphatic system. This is medically known as edema or lymphedema. MLD is great for relaxation, detoxing the body, post-surgery, anti-aging effects, and relief of sinusitis, bronchitis, chronic pain, and fibromyalgia. Are you feeling sluggish and experiencing low energy? Look forward to feeling the remarkable results of this treatment. Book Today!

60 minute-$140.00

90 minute-$190.00

Sports Massage

This massage is great for athletes or anyone who values physical fitness. The combination of stretching and massage increase and enhance blood circulation with relieves muscle tension, reducing soreness and making for a faster recovery, improving exercise performance, promoting relaxation, increasing the range of motion, improving soft tissue function, decreasing muscle stiffness, and fatigue after exercise.

60 minute-$150.00

90 minute-$200.00


Geriatric Massage

Maintain your quality of health and mobility as you grow into your wiser years (>70). As your body age, you want to minimize arthritis pain and increase blood circulation, joint mobility, flexibility, balance, and posture.  Enjoy your journey!

60 minute-$120.00

90 minute-$150.00 



Little More TLC

Customize your experience with the best of both Swedish Massage and Therapeutic Deep Tissue. This treatment balance allows your therapist to address those aggravating trigger points and relax too. Give your body the refreshing benefits of both.

60 minute- $140.00

90 minute-$190.00



Therapeutic Deep Tissue

Decrease your chronic muscle tension and pain with a refreshing deep-tissue massage. This worthwhile treatment helps to reduce trigger points, break up scar tissue, lower heart rate, and blood pressure, as well as increase the range of motion caused by injuries.

60 minute-$140.00

90 minute-$190.00



Swedish Massage

This relaxing and energizing massage helps to relieve muscle tension, increase blood flow, and break down scar tissue. It also reduces high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, and depression, and is great for postpartum recovery.

60 minute-$140.00

90 minute-$190.00


Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stones provide the body with an effective healing experience. It helps to reduce stress, and anxiety promotes deep relaxation by expanding the blood vessels by encouraging more blood to flow in the body, and reduces chronic pain, and muscle tension.

60 minute-$155.00

90 minute-$205.00

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