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Spa Packages

Group Packages
  • Discover-A-Moment-To-Remember
    • Rejuvenate you and up to eight other guests with a relaxing 30-minute or 60 minutes Customized Swedish or Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage in the comforts of your own home or destination of your choice. This mobile service is a great way to unwind prior to any big events such as weddings, milestone birthday parties, graduations, or simply gathering amongst family and friends. Leave your experience feeling graceful and empowered. A small group has a minimum of four and a maximum of seven. Larger groups can be requested based on availability. Aromatherapy is available upon request for an additional price of $12 per person. See the Terms and Conditions for reservations, cancellations, and traveling fees. 
      • 30 minute-$110.00 per person
      • 60 minute-$140.00 per person  
  • Corporate Chair Massage
    • Do you want reliable, focused, better attendance, and more productive employees? Show your employee recognition for their loyalty, perseverance, health, and wellness by rewarding them with quarterly, semi-annual, and/or holiday "Employee Appreciation" 10-20 minute Corporate Chair Massage. 
      • Employers Benefits-
        • Happy, refreshed, and rejuvenated employees
        • Increased productivity and alertness
        • Increased speed and accuracy
        • Reduce absenteeism and burnout
        • Reduce tension, stress, anxiety, and depression in the workplace
        • Improves employee retention 
        • A great incentive for new employees
        • Help to reduce the number of OSHA Accidents
      • Employee Benefits-
        • Reduce muscle tension
        • Reduce pain
        • Reduce stress, depression, and anxiety
        • Improves body posture 
        • Improve circulation
        • Improves the quality of sleep
        • A genuine improvement in overall well being


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