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The Clinic

RAJ Holistic Healing Spa is the premier spa in the Southern Maryland area. Through our Traditional Chinese Medicines, holistic services, and therapeutic enhancement products we provide our clients with a relaxing, rejuvenating atmosphere for their mind and body.  We understand that life can be busy and having the right self-care treatments is very important to your overall health and wellness.  Finding the right Alternative Medicine facility that is caring, professional, and prides itself on providing an experience tailored to address your concerns to improve your health needs is difficult. RAJ Holistic Healing Spa personalizes its services so you can feel the benefits and get the most from your time with us.  


Have you ever a received a massage or left spa disappointed and wanting for more? Are you looking for personalizing therapeutic treatments focused on the wellness of your mind, body, and spirit? A holistic approach to healing the body’s physical and emotional needs may be the solution. We offer a wide range of services for you to experience, relax with, and enjoy. Come to RAJ Holistic Healing Spa and discover which holistic services work best for you. 

Massage stones and Lotus flower

Our Philosophy


Good self-care can prevent or reduce a variety of health ailments such heart disease, diabetes, cancer, gastrointestinal problems, and mental health disorders. Engaging in a healthy lifestyle minimizes the potential for these health related issues. At RAJ Holistic Healing Spa, we believe that anyone can achieve optimal health and balance in life through holistic medicines. It is never too late to start healing your mind, body, and spirit with holistic healthcare today.

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